Behind the scenes of Brasserie Appelmans!

For more than a decade Antwerp’s Brasserie Appelmans has been calling the shots with their ‘dangerous’ absinthe, remarkable cocktail menu, their mix of classic and contemporary brasserie dishes and the uplifting dj music. A night at Appelmans always turns out to be a celebration.

Kasper Stuart – the man behind the success of Appelmans – and culinary journalist Marc Declercq take a deep dive into the going of Antwerp’s most popular restaurant. They reveal secrets about their favourite absinths, vermouths, tiki cocktails, all time bar classics, after dinner and beer cocktails. On the side: recipes of some finger-licking good bar food.

Straight from the Appelmans kitchen, there’s 50 of the most popular brasserie dishes and their recipes, alongside the best beer to pair it with. The famous Appelmans dj’s added their number one playlists. Ten years of music and still not outdated. Just as Appelmans itself!

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