Taste! Family


Bar & Bistro Monroe is part of the Taste! restaurant & bar group. This association was founded in 1997 by Kasper Stuart and Danyelle van Thoor. Below you’ll find the other restaurants and bars that are part of the Taste! family, as well as our creative partners in crime!


Brasserie Appelmans & Absinthbar

Brasserie Appelmans & Absinthbar is a multifaceted brasserie, located in the shadow of the cathedral. Aside from the appearance of the bars, this venue offers endless opportunities. The many mezzanines contribute to the spaciousness and cozy atmosphere. Three floors of off-the-wall features.

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Black Smoke Antwerp

Black Smoke brings some serious BBQ-ing to the heart of Antwerp and gives home to a bar, BBQ restaurant, a rooftop bar AND a club, where it’s all about the one thing: craftsmanship. Black Smoke mixes American BBQ traditions with local influences for a rock-your-socks-off BBQ experience. Black Smoke Antwerp is located in the former fermentation hub of De Koninck brewery.

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Black Smoke Rotterdam

Three years after Black Smoke Antwerp, it was about time to discover the Dutch territory. Kasper Stuart and his fiery friend Jord Althuizen – BBQ competition animal, manager of the Smokey Goodness BBQ catering business and author of the award-winning BBQ books – joined forces to set up Black Smoke Rotterdam. The restaurant, bar and the fiery terrace are located on the site of the old Van Nelle factory.

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Not Before Ten

Kurt Hereygers and his interior designers from Not Before Ten are in charge of the draft and layout of Bar & Bistro Monroe. Aside from the fact that they really think outside the box, they also design unique eye catchers and are at our side during each step of the creative process. The main advantage of working together for all these years is that they have built a great amount of experience in designing hospitality projects and thus pay close attention to the importance of operational details.

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Monkeys at Midnight

Eddy Vergauwen and his colleagues in graphic design, photography and video content manage to develop the perfect brand, time after time. They are capable of translating the vibe of a brand new concept into a corporate identity while they build websites as well as every graphical expression that goes with that. All is tailored to our wishes which leads to a tone of voice and style of communication that is unique, time and time again. 

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Hard times will always reveal true friends

A big and genuine thank you to all of our partners mentioned below, who were at our side during difficult times and are still here today, looking out for us and making the magic happen:

Bacardi-Martini | Duvel Moortgat | Piper-Heidsieck | Jet Import | Rémy-Cointreau | Fever-Tree | Coca-Cola | Chaudfontaine waters | Ad Bibendum wines | Global Wineries | Swaffou | Magnus wijnen | Delidis | The Bakery | Kaasaffineurs Van Tricht | Carmans | Lobsterfish | Monarti | Caffè Vergnano | Dell’oro